Acetate (Cellulose Acetate)

Product Summary

Acetate (Cellulose Acetate) film is a polymer manufactured primarily from wood pulp and is commonly used for commercial print and art applications. PolymerFilms offers a complete line of Acetate film products from world-leading producers like Grafix.
Acetate is a plastic substrate provided in a glossy or no masking finish with multiple color options in an array of gauges; it is plasticized to enhance flexibility and durability, has excellent chemical resistance, and is recyclable. Other features of Acetate include optical clarity, printability, heat sealable, and thermoformable. Acetate film is produced by two mechanical methods – solvent casting or forced extrusion.
Acetate film is easy to work with and durable. It is most commonly used in the Graphics / Print, and Packaging industries but works well in many other applications. Other common uses involve die-cutting, play cards, packaging, overlays, and more.

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Product Benefits

Takes the stress out of cutting custom shapes

Maintains its shape over a wide temperature range

Easy to Die-Cut
Environmentally Friendly
Excellent Heat Resistance
Good Dimensional Stability
Low Birefringence
Optical Clarity (Glass-Like)

Frequently Asked Questions

Cellulose acetate film has moderate heat resistance. It can withstand relatively low temperatures without significant deformation. However, it is important to avoid exposure to high heat, as it can cause the film to shrink or distort.

Cellulose acetate film is moderately resistant to moisture. However, it is not completely impermeable to water vapor. In applications where moisture protection is critical, additional barrier coatings or lamination techniques can be employed to enhance its resistance to moisture.

Yes, cellulose acetate film is commonly used for food packaging. It is approved for food contact applications and complies with relevant safety regulations. However, it is always recommended to consult local regulations and guidelines for specific food packaging requirements.

Yes, cellulose acetate film can be heat sealed. It possesses good heat sealability, making it suitable for applications that require sealing, such as pouches and bags. Proper sealing conditions should be determined based on the specific film thickness and equipment used.

Cellulose acetate film is not typically considered compostable. While it is derived from plant-based cellulose, the acetylation process alters its biodegradability. However, some manufacturers are working on developing compostable versions of cellulose acetate film by incorporating biodegradable additives.

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