Flying to New Heights with Plastics For Aerospace

Flying to New Heights With Plastics For Aerospace

Compliant. Lightweight. High Performance.

There are a variety of reasons for using plastics for aerospace applications, particularly airplanes; the industry requires substrates that are high performance, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to convert. Plastic film substrates also offer a broad range of design flexibility in terms of color, texture, and pattern.

Advantages Of Plastics For Aerospace


Broad range of temperature resistance

Design flexibility


Good insulator

Flame, smoke, and toxicity resistant

Applications Of Plastics For Aerospace

In Cabin Graphics

When it comes In Cabin Graphics, plastic films are often used for safety labels, seat/aisle designations, placards, nameplates, decals, and overlays.

The most dependent plastic film for this part is either LEXAN™ FR60 (clear, polish/polish finish) or LEXAN™ FR63 (clear, matte/polish finish).

Reasons to choose these LEXAN films for In-Cabin Graphics parts can be seen from all of the films’ properties. It can be printed on directly or used as a clear laminate. It is also an ideal plastic film choice because it is easy to thermoform, emboss, die-cut, fold and bend. Both of these films have excellent thermal & electrical insulation properties and high mechanical strength. Additionally, marked by the FR in the name, these plastic films are flame resistant.

Both of these LEXAN films are certified as FAR 25.853 (A) and (D), smoke and Toxicity to BSS 7239 (Boeing) and ABD0031 (Airbus).

Insulation Jacketing

The aerospace industry utilizes Insulation Jacketing for parts that heavily revolve around aerospace protection and typically include tubes and pipes, as well as electric cable components.

Preferred plastics for this part include FPE, PTFE, PFA, and Polymide films.

These films are favored for Insulation Jacketing parts because they are able to enhance cabin comfort with excellent thermal, acoustic, and anti-vibration properties. All of these films have a great range of temperature resistance from -265°C to over 400°C (-445°F to over 752°F). They also exceed UL 94 V-) flammability, are dimensionally stable, and inherently isotropic.

Interior Walls

Parts of the aircraft and aerospace industry that involve Interior Walls include ceiling & sidewall decorative panels, window shades, stow bins, partitions, lavatories, and galleys.

Plastic films that are favored for this part is typically either PDVF or Tedlar® (PVN/PVDR)

Both PDVF and Tedlar films can be used for anti-fade colors or as a clear laminate. They offer complete design freedom custom & unique textures, gloss levels, thicknesses, and finishes. PDVF and Tedlar plastic films have superior chemical resistance, withstanding hard cleaners and solvents, are scuff resistant, and reduce overall maintenance.

Bagging & Processing Aids

Bagging Films

When it comes to Bagging Film parts, uses typically include belting, bladders, inflatables, laminations, medical products, protective coverings, thermoformed parts, vacuum bagging, and vacuum forming.

The most common plastic films used for Bagging Films include Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6.6, Nylon 12, Polyethylene, PTFE, Polyamide, and Ultem® (PEI).

Not only are a variety of high, low, and room temperature films available, but they are also known to have good chemical resistance, are lubricated for better slip surface, and have excellent drape and flexibility.

Release Films and Fabrics

Plastic films that are most ideal for Release Films and Fabrics include FEP and PTFE, TFE, and Polyamide.

All of these films provide excellent release properties, high heat resistance, and have heat bondable grades available. Additionally, fabrics are available in a variety of grades.

Flash and Sealant Tapes

When it comes to proper structure, the aerospace industry relies on different Flash and Sealant Tapes. With high temperature, extended cure grades available, all plastics for aerospace tapes provide different characteristics and should be used depending on what the specific part requires. Some Flash and Sealant Tapes often seen in the industry include

  • Vacuum bag sealant tape
  • Cloth tape for honeycomb
  • TFE Toolcoater tape
  • Polyamide laminate processing tape
  • Polyester tapes
  • Heat-shrinkable tapes
  • Vacuum bag butyl seal tape


Films regarding Bleeder/Breather parts are often available in 2.5 oz up to 10 oz widths. They are typically made of woven polyester, have excellent stretch abilities to conform closely to part contour, and don’t have binders to restrict air flow.

Accessories Available

  • Stainless steel and silicone hoses
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Aluminum and stainless steel vacuum valves
  • Vacuum aspirator, gauges, pumps, and leak detectors

Value Added Services

Custom Converting Capabilities

Our expert conversion capabilities and expansive presence across North America allows us to develop innovative solutions for all of your plastics for aerospace material requirements and applications.

  • Perforation
  • Die-Cutting
  • Laminating
  • Sheeting
  • Slitting
  • Annealing
  • Guillotining
  • Kitting/Packaging

Value-added services and quality certifications vary by location. Contact your local facility for more information.

Our Boston and Fresno facilities are AS9120B certified.

With five conversion locations across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, more than 350 pre-converted standard sheets and rolls are available, along with sheets that are ready for same-day shipping. Additionally, many other products in the PolymerFilms portfolio can be custom perforated, laminated, die-cut, and converted within days to meet any projects’ exact requirements. By having the industry’s largest distribution network, in-house expertise, and a focus-on service, PolymerFilms will ensure you have everything you need – when and where you need it.

If you’re looking for a plastic film distributor that can provide a variety of plastics for aerospace, look no further than PolymerFilms. Our organization is exclusively a plastic film distributor that serves clients in a wide array of industries, from medical devices and printed electronics to sign and display applications. Our large inventory allows us to provide solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs, and our knowledgeable team is always happy to provide guidance and expertise. We even have access to in-house conversion equipment, which allows us to convert film products to suit the specific needs of each application. Our five distribution centers are spread throughout North America to ensure fast quotes and turnaround times, along with friendly and personalized service. Visit our website to request a free consultation and see what type of difference a quality plastic film manufacturer can make!

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