Plastic Films for Medical Applications


Plastic film for medical applications- options for materials can be somewhat overwhelming and it is important to understand what options are available.


Plastics are available in countless density levels, styles, shapes, and other characteristics, and they can be customized to meet your needs, making the possibilities virtually endless. 


Available through PolymerFilms, more than 20 types of plastic films alone are commonly used for medical applications. They include:



The following highlights feature only some of the many ways plastic films are used for medical applications.


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


ABS is used for a wide variety of medical devices, including large and small equipment housings, insulin pens, and inhalers. These plastic films are popular choices for medical devices and medical packaging due to their durability, strength, aesthetic appeal, purity, low residual monomers, and consistency.


CPP (Cast Polypropylene)


CPP film offers outstanding performance and optical clarity while remaining cost-effective. It also features good seal strength, and it can resist tears and punctures. It can be used for hospital bags, device strips, and many other purposes.




Offering exceptional stability in high temperatures, fluoropolymer plastic films are ideal for use in the medical industry. Made of multiple carbon-fluorine bonds, the materials also resist friction, corrosion, and many chemicals. Fluoropolymers are commonly used for medical catheters, vascular access sheaths, and shrink tubing.


HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene)


A versatile and affordable option, HIPS can be used for many general purposes within the medical industry. These plastic films are frequently used for medical-purpose petri dishes, waste canisters, and other general uses.


PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate)


One of the greatest benefits of PBT Film is its range of molding possibilities. The crystalline polymer offers higher tensile than some similar products, and the greater spacing between the aromatic rings allows for more efficient crystallization. It offers dimensional stability, and, like many other plastic films for medical applications, it is also highly resistant to chemicals and heat. PBT is commonly used for connectors for diagnostic machines, tips for surgical instruments, and clips for various tools and supplies.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC  is a versatile thermoplastic. Through PolymerFilms, it is available in blown, rigid, or flexible form. While most people think of building and construction when they hear “PVC,” it is also one of the most common types of plastic films used in the medical industry. It is frequently used for single-use, disposable medical devices and processes, which eliminates cross-contamination and helps to prevent infection. It is also easily recyclable.




Made by DuPont, the Tyvek brand is a lightweight, resilient, and durable material. It is made of flash-spun HDPE synthetic paper and fabric. The printable, recyclable material is also resistant to moisture and tears. Tyvek can be used for personal protection equipment for chemical threats and other hazards, which made it especially ideal to protect hospital staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also a wise choice for sterile medical and pharmaceutical packaging due to its breathability, clean peel properties, and superior microbial barriers. As noted on the Tyvek/DuPont website, it is also compatible with commonly used sterilization methods, including radiation, steam under controlled conditions, ethylene oxide, and low-temperature oxidative processes.


The above is only a small glimpse of how our plastic films can be used for medical applications.


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