What is Mylar?

A big part of choosing plastic film materials for your business is finding a reliable supplier. But it’s also essential to choose the right type of plastic that best suits the requirements and standards of your specific application. And that starts with understanding the options available to you. 


Mylar® is a plastic that any company that utilizes strong and durable plastics should know. It’s a popular choice for an array of industries, from food packaging to party supplies. Mylar is actually a popular brand name of a product produced by DuPont. However, it has become somewhat synonymous with the product category as a whole, so it is widely used to describe all PET or polyester film products. 


Here’s a guide to Mylar’s attributes and applications to help you make informed decisions when choosing plastics for any of your company’s upcoming projects. 


Attributes of Mylar Film


Mylar is known for being durable, versatile, and cost effective for an array of applications. Specifically, polyester film has good tensile strength, adhesion, and moisture and chemical resistance. This means that it is able to create a strong seal when pressed against itself or another material. And it does not give or break down when exposed to pressure or stress. So it is well suited to keep potential contaminants out of a container or package when it is fully sealed. 


Mylar film also has the ability to seal in heat, reducing the transfer of this energy from one side of a sealed barrier to the other. In addition, the material is able to withstand a huge array of temperatures without breaking down or changing its shape, seal, or chemical structure. This is especially useful in food and packaging applications where the film may be placed in appliances that are especially hold or hot. 


Of course, Mylar isn’t the only plastic with these sealant properties. However, it is often a top choice above others due to its cost efficiency. Since the material can be purchased and applied at scale, it’s ideal for packaging or protecting a large selection of products. And it is also often a top choice for products that are in lower pricing categories. The efficiency of this material allows it to provide high quality protection without driving up prices unnecessarily for consumers. 


Applications of Mylar Film


Mylar film can be used in nearly any application that requires a strong seal, heat and moisture resistance, and tensile strength. The cost efficiency of this product also makes it a top choice in a huge array of industries. While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the most common areas where Mylar film is often used. 


Food packaging is one of the most common uses for Mylar film. The solid adhesion ability and strength of the material helps to protect packaged items from contaminants, moisture, and chemicals, and to preserve them and keep them from spoiling for as long as possible. It is also especially popular in frozen foods, since it is able to withstand extreme temperatures so well without losing any of its original form or properties. It can even be used as lidding over items that can go right from the refrigerator or freezer to the oven or microwave. 


Mylar can even be produced with self venting qualities to suit various foods that require heat or air transfer during the cooking process. This is especially common in microwavable items. Basically, the material can be completely customized during the finishing process to provide the exact qualities needed to promote safe cooking and extend the shelf life of each ingredient. 


Perhaps the most fun and unique application of Mylar is in the production of party balloons. This is also where many consumers first hear of the brand name. These are the balloons with two sides of shiny material attached along a single seam. They come in various colors and designs. Some are even offered in unique shapes like letters, numbers, or stars. And many also have unique characters, graphics, or custom messages printed on them. Since Mylar creates such a tight seal, it traps all the air or helium inside to keep these balloons going for days. These balloons are generally considered to be higher quality and more durable than classic rubber balloons. 


Mylar can also be used to create small components for electronic capacitors. These are devices that capture and store electrical energy in a field. Mylar is often used in these applications to act as an insulator between two pieces of metal that conduct electrical currents. The material is capable of doing this job so effectively because of its ability to retain its form even when exposed to heat and various other conditions. It does not break down or change form when exposed to the currents or energy. In addition, Mylar is an attractive option for this type of application due to its cost efficiency, since this is such a small component that simply needs an insulating material. 


If you’re looking for Mylar, PET, polyester, or any other quality plastic films for your company’s applications, PolymerFilms has you covered. We offer an extensive inventory of Mylar and PET products in various grades and finishes to suit an array of applications, from packaging to electronics. We also carry a full selection of other plastic films, and our knowledgeable team can guide you to the best materials for each of your company’s applications. Visit our website to find your local facility and experience the benefits of Mylar today. 


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