Product Spotlight – Lexan Polycarbonate Film

Polycarbonate film is a type of thermoplastic film that offers applications in a wide array of industries. LEXAN™ is one of the most recognized brands  when it comes to this amorphous engineering thermoplastic. This material  offers a huge span of high performance properties, which make the material ideal for use in various applications.


If you think that your company or organization could benefit from using LEXAN polycarbonate film, here’s a rundown of the product’s benefits and potential uses to help you make an informed decision. 


Benefits of Polycarbonate Film


Polycarbonate is known for its extreme impact resistance, no matter what form it takes. When it comes to film, this quality makes the material ideally suited for any type of product that requires optimal strength. It’s also very puncture resistant, so it is unlikely to break or give when exposed to high velocity impact or sharp objects. Basically, any product that requires protection or extra durability could benefit from the use of LEXAN polycarbonate film. 


LEXAN polycarbonate film also offers great light transmittance and optical clarity. The material is designed to be transparent, so you can still clearly see through it when necessary, even though it’s so strong and difficult to break or puncture in any way. It simply provides an added layer of material or protection over the object in question without obstructing the view of that item. This makes it ideal for use over clear objects that need extra protection or printed objects or displays. 


It’s also heat sealable and thermoformable, which means that it can be easily molded into specific shapes when it is exposed to high heat tools. Basically, this is what allows LEXAN polycarbonate film to be so versatile and available for use in such a wide array of products and industries. Even if a very specific shape is needed, polycarbonate’s thermoplastic properties make it easy to mold and turn into your ideal object. And its ability to be heat sealed means that it’s ideal for packaging or other applications where the material needs to be completely closed off or held in place. 


Finally, LEXAN polycarbonate film is known for being durable and able to hold up in a wide array of environments. More specifically, it offers good dimensional stability and creep resistance. So it is able to stay in place and hold its general shape and other properties well over time. For items that are meant to last, this means that polycarbonate is a great choice for offering extra protection without the need for constant adjustments, maintenance, or replacement. 


Potential Uses


One of the most common ways polycarbonate film is used is for applications in the Security ID & Card industry.  These essential items provide a seamless way for companies and organizations in a wide array of industries to enact quality access control policies around their facilities. More specifically, they can be used to open doors, access specific areas, or even sign onto computers or other devices. LEXAN polycarbonate film is a perfect solution for these items because it is strong enough to protect them from damage, while also being lightweight and allowing for strong optical clarity so codes, images, and essential information is all clearly visible. The durability of polycarbonate also makes it ideal for these items, which are usually meant to last for years. 


Another common market for polycarbonate film includes printed electronics. This involves printing small, electronic components that are used in various devices. These parts are often very delicate and require a durable and strong yet flexible material to hold and protect the electronic components. These items are used across various industries and can often be developed using common printing techniques ranging from inkjet to screenprinting. They can be used for everything from sharing smart labels and displays to producing wearable electronics. LEXAN polycarbonate film is strong enough to hold these electronics in place and protect them from damage, while also being flexible and durable enough to help them last for as long as they need to operate. 


These are just two common industries where LEXAN film is the preferred material. . LEXAN polycarbonate film can also be used in a wide array of other products, including safety helmets, compact discs, power tools, appliance housings, window glazing, doors, face shields, sunglasses, and automotive parts. Basically, any product that may require a clear layer of strong and durable protection may benefit from LEXAN polycarbonate film. It’s flexible and customizable enough to fit almost any type of item. So if the benefits above could apply to anything that your company produces or uses for its operations, this material is likely to be a perfect fit. 


If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits of LEXAN polycarbonate films, contact PolymerFilms today. We’re proud to offer this material from the industry-leading manufacturer, SABIC™. The product comes in a variety of gauges and sizes, and our in-house conversion capabilities means you can order polycarbonate film to match your exact specifications. Our company is a division of Polymershapes, which has more than 70 years of experience providing high performance plastics to organizations around the country. We also have five conversion & distribution centers spread throughout North America to deliver fast shipping and efficient service to all of our clients. To discuss LEXAN polycarbonate film or any of our other plastic film products, visit our website to request a free consultation today.

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